Gorilla Cart Replacement Parts

I recently wrote about the Gorilla dump cart and how it made my life easier with some landscaping I needed done that summer.  Another great thing about it that I didn’t mention before is that no matter how much abuse you put your Gorilla cart through you can always be sure that there are replacement parts for your wagon.  From wheels to handles to tires to side rails, you should be able to find a replacement.  Below is a list of a few common parts that can be replaced on Gorilla dump carts.

Gorilla Cart Replacement Handle

gorilla cart handle This 2 in 1 handle works great as a replacement part or if you want to upgrade from a standard Gorilla handle.  This D-shaped handle can be configured so you can pull your Gorilla dump cart by hand.  But you can easily convert it into a trailer hitch so that you can attach it to your lawnmower or ATV.    This is the type of handle I have on my Gorilla cart  and it is very sturdy.

 Gorilla Cart Replacement Wheels and Tires

gorilla cart tiresFor those of you who work hard and push your tools to the max, you run this risk of popping a tire.  Whether you use your dump cart on a construction site where there are nails all around or whether you fill it to the brim with rocks, your tires are eventually going to get a hole in them or wear out. There are a number of different tires that are available.  In order to make sure you get the right one, you need to know 3 things: 1) the diameter of your wheel, 2) the bore size, and 3) the capacity.

Common diameters are 10 inch, 13 inch, and 16 inch.

The most common bore size is 5/16″.

The most common capacity is 300 lbs.

If you need to buy a replacement wheel or tire, I would click here to see all the options that Tricam Industries offers.

Wheels/tires and handles are probably the 2 parts that get replaced the most.  You can find other replacement parts on the Tricam Industries website, if you find yourself in need of things like a new axle or new hardware or new struts.

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  1. I need not only a new handle for my gorilla cart but I also need the pin that connects it to the axel. Right now I have a long screw and it works but not really good.

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