Calories burned shoveling snow for 30 minutes

After my last post on using snow shoveling as a form of exercise, I had somebody ask me how to calculate how many calories are burned shoveling snow for 30 minutes.  The easiest way to do this is to go to a calorie calculator and enter in all your information: weight, height, age and sex.  I recommend this calorie calculator from Fitday.  Once you enter all your information, it gives you the calories burned shoveling snow for 1 hour.  To get the calories burned shoveling snow for 30 minutes, just divide that by 2.  For me, the calculator says I burn 442 calories in an hour of shoveling snow, so I would burn 221 calories in 30 minutes.

Use a Heart Rate Monitor

I recommend using this heart rate monitor to determine how many calories you burn. I’ve found that it gives me similar results as the online calorie counters give. To check the current price for this heart rate monitor, click the button below.


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