Best Snow Shovel

Perhaps I should say Best Snow Shovels, because there isn’t really a single best snow shovel.  The best snow shovel for you depends on where you live, the type of snow you get, how much snow you need to remove and a number of other factors.

The chart below is a overview of some of the best snow shovels, pushers, and hybrids that are commercially available.  In order to qualify as one of the best snow shovels, these shovels had to be strong and durable, as well as affordable.

The Best Snow Shovel Table

ImageNameBlade WidthHeightColorStarsPrice

Truper 18-Inch Ergonomic Snow Shovel18"51"Various4.0$$

Suncast SF1850 Big Snow Scoop22"60"Gray4.5$$$$
Snowcaster 48UPH Pusher Shovel48"57"Blue5.0$$$$

Rugg 26PBSLW Backsaver LiteWate18"54"Gray4.5$$

Suncast SC3950 Double Grip18"52"Black4.5$$$

Types of Snow Shovels

There are many types of snow shovels but the 3 most common are the shovel, the pusher and the hybrid.


The shovel is often used to describe all the different types of snow removal tools, but in this instance it refers to a specific type.  Shovels are the the standard and most common snow removal tool.  They are composed of a handle and a medium width blade.  They are most often used to pick up snow and toss it.  Shovels can be made out of metal or plastic.  Often they will be made of plastic but have a metal wear strip on the bottom to help the blade last longer.  The wear strip can also be used to break ice and break through chunks of snow.  Wear strips are also made from plastic which can be useful if you are scooping snow off of other surfaces than concrete.  For example, if you deck or porch is made of wood, you wouldn’t want to use a shovel with a metal wear strip.


Pushers are great for moving large amounts of snow.  They are meant to be pushed along the ground in front of you so that the snow is moved away from unwanted areas.  Pushers have very wide blades and often have deep blades to allow the maximum amount of snow to be pushed.  It is more difficult to toss snow with a pusher.


Hybrids offer the best aspects of both shovels and pushers.  They usually have a fairly wide blade but also have a handle that allows you to easily toss snow as well.  If you live in an area with snow that varies in amount and consistency, then the hybrid might be the best snow shovel type for you.

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